Certain things you need to know about choices story you to play


Certain things you need to know about choices story you to play

It is most popular game on play store with 5 million downloads so get now and you; users love to narrate storyline and make some twist in the stories. Most vital thing is that they make own character and you can follow some stories according to your choice. Another aspect of this game, it is freemium one where you can purchase various items with plastic currency such as keys diamonds and other things. Moreover, if you do not want to spend currency on the game then you will have to wait and complete some difficult levels.

With this article, we have come with some helpful tips and tricks that will help you to remove certain hurdles in the game.

Additional helpful details

Well, by these tips beginners can feel overwhelmed because it is very complicated game.

Earning of diamonds

Diamond is a vital part of this game and key always helps you to move in certain stories. Firstly you have to spend your time to earn huge amounts of keys and stones. After reading many stories or with Choices Cheats 2018 you can earn some helpful resources.

No replacing

 Keep in mind one thing they don’t offer you to reply to chapters, if you play the game so bad then you should restart the game from starting. If you are erasing your story remember that they will erase everything from it and tap on restart the game.

Keys to reading something in the game

If you want to read a chapter then you have to pay one key to game developers. When you do not have any keys then wait for almost 3 hours. Without stones and key, you can read stories, by just going on menu and opening story and read it by simply clicking on tap button. Therefore, it depends on you how long you read stories they will cost you nothing.

Switch among different stories

Excellent part of the game is you can move between stories easily without erasing your progress that you have made previously. If you want to move on stories then you should simply click on home button. When the player reaches to the home screen they can move to another story.

Earn resources unlimited

 As we mentioned above that keys and stones are the main part of the game. with the help of this trick, you will able to earn unlimited keys and diamonds. You should download the tool which is very simple then fill some special information like username and password or amount of points you require. After that just click on login automatically amount of resources will be credited to your account.


Bottom line

Well, above-mentioned details will help you to complete certain things in terms of money, keys and diamonds. However, these tricks mainly designed for beginners to understand how o increase level and move to another story without losing any progress from the game. Always try to choose a story which suits to your life.