A Comprehensive Guide to Last Shelter Survival


The game we are talking about is top-grossing game these days. Last Shelter Survival is available for both platforms that are IOS and Android. It is free to play, and users can play the game according to their choice or comfort level. There are two easy ways to download the game. One, the users can download it from either the Play store or from the Apple store. Another easy way is that gamers can get the game by downloading its apk from different sources on the internet.

Last Shelter Survival contains lots of interesting and essential elements. These elements make the game more classic and attractive. It also provides the users with various types of impressive features and realistic graphics with better sound quality.  It also contains various types of resources and heroes.

Resources in Last Shelter Survival

The game contains various types of useful resources which play a crucial role in Last Shelter Survival Hack. So, it is necessary for the gamers or player to make proper use of these resources. There are various types of resources present in the game about which every user must know –

  • Food
  • Water
  • Lumber or wood
  • Iron
  • Electricity
  • Fuel

These resources help the users in building, marching, and upgrading. There are various other types of resources also in the game. The gamers need to play the game after knowing all the necessary things and kinds of resources.


The game contains various types of powerful and unique heroes. Heroes are the main part of the game. They help the users in many ways as gamers send them at the march with the army of troops and many other things also. It is important for the gamers to select only the best hero among all others in order to survive long in the game. They need to compare all heroes with other and then choose the best among them to play the game accurately.

Basic Information about WWE Supercard


If you are looking for a card battle online multiplayer game, then you must try WWE Supercard once. It is available for both platforms, i.e., Android and IOS. The game is free to play, and players can download it from their recommended game stores. Another easy way to download the game is by downloading its apk from various sources on the internet. It is one of a most top grossing game among all other card battle game which is created by 2K Inc.

The main task in the game is to win the card battle by collecting more powerful cards first. In it, there are all real superstars available with their unique skills and strengths. The game considers various types of modes to play according to your choice or comfort level.


The game we are discussing is filled with three types of modes. Users are free to choose any one mode and start playing according to their choice. Following are some types of modes given with their description –

  • Single player mode – In it, there are only two players who compete in card battle game. It is also known as PVP mode which means player vs. Player mode.
  • Multiplayer mode – In it there are more than two players and they play together to compete I order to win the game. It is more interesting mode then the single player mode.

About game

WWE Supercard includes various types of currency in it which is used most in the game. People from all around the world play the game every day to entertain. It is the best source to utilize your spare time by playing it regularly on a daily basis. By properly playing the game and by trying WWE Supercard Cheats, it makes a person feel relax and also become stress-free.


Types of Sharks in Hungry Shark World



If you are looking for a world class action game, then you must try Hungry Shark World. The game is filled with lots of new and ultimate sharks with their different abilities and skills etc. One should acquire the most powerful shark in order to go further in the game. It is created by Ubisoft Entertainment, and the main task in the game is to control your shark properly and eat more sharks.

Following are some types of sharks in the game with their unique skills and abilities –

  • Blacktip Reef Shark – The users can get blacktip shark when they start the game first time. It is the weakest and smaller shark among all. It can eat all other smaller sharks and move very fast as compare to other. It cannot eat the larger preys and sharks and also the smallest shark in the game.
  • Bull Shark – It refers to the shark that has high stats and a powerful bite. Its size is almost 12 feet. Bull shark can eat faster than other and eat all prey in the game. It has low health and low boost.
  • Tiger Shark – The given shark is very large, and it has the lowest health. Tiger Shark has markings on its head and back.
  • Robo Shark – To buy a robo shark one must need 1500 gems and 750000 coins. It cannot eat red jellyfish, king jellyfish, and mega mines.
  • Great Hammerhead – It costs you 65000 coins to earn and has more health than others. It has thin fins on it and amazing eyes by trying Hungry Shark World Cheats.
  • Megalodon – It looks as same as the great white. The difference is only of color and size. It has no special abilities. It cannot eat the red jellyfish and king jellyfish.
  • Atomic Shark – Its teeth size differ from others, and it has three fins on its tail and also has green eyes. It cannot swim in the Pacific Ocean due to its small size. The atomic shark travels very fast on the land and has a potent bite. The weak point of this shark is that it has very low health.

So what’s the final verdict?

As you know, the hungry shark world is full of different sharks, so it is important to have a good and powerful shark with which you play. The more and more sharks you acquire in the game, the more you enjoy the game.

Mafia City- A Walkthrough Guide 


Mafia City is a trending game available for the users of Android and IOS devices. People of all ages use to play it in their spare time. The game is based on the battle and strategies. It is created by the YottaGames studio, and you can download it freely. If you want to use the real money in-game, then it is also possible with an in-app purchase option. It is a worldwide famous game and installed by the millions of people. It is the small type of game, and it needs only 56 MB on your mobile.

The company provides you the best graphics and sound effect which make the game perfect. For all the Android users it is must to have the 2.3 Android versions to play it correctly.


It is the main part of the game, and you can participate in many different types of missions in it. Players can collect a huge amount of reward by using these missions and small tasks. It is important for you to use all the sources which are given by the game. Moreover, you can use the real world money to solve the hard missions.  If you are a new player, then it is hard to play these missions. It is better to use the guide to know more about the tasks and rewards.

Win the race

It is a part of the game when you have to participate in the race to complete the mission. You have to give your best to win the race with your driving skills. If you lose in the first attempt, then don’t lose the hope because it is not easy to win. You should try and try to make your performance better because the only way to become the perfect player is hard work or by getting Mafia City Hack.


The Sims Mobile- Easiest way to earn free Coins


Electronic Arts recently launched their best simulation game The Sims Mobile. It is worldwide best simulation game with a lot of missions and tasks. In it, you can create own avatar and give a unique look. It is such a best dream game means in it you can create own dream home with a lot of designs. You can also organize and attend the parties. The game show real life like develop the romantic relationship and daily events. The hobbies are also available like playing, cooking and guitar playing.

Way to earn currencies-

The currencies are the essential part of every game as well as in it also the coins play an important role. In it very hard to earn currencies but many ways are available for winning free currencies so by getting The Sims Mobile Cheats. If you want to know how to obtain free currencies in The Sims Mobile, then read the all information carefully.

  1. Watch ad-

The advertisements are the best and easiest way to earn free coins. In the game the free option is available. When you touch on the free option, then a video plays automatically. Watch the video till the end without a break. After watching the ad, you will receive some rewards. In the game, the best thing is that rewards scale increase with the activity. If your activity scale is good, then you gain more rewards after eight hours. So if you want to earn extra coins then watch the advertisement.

  1. Daily challenges-

It is also the best way to gain free coins. In the game any daily challenges are available. Via completing the daily challenges, you will receive the extra coins. If you want to join challenges, then go into the challenges icon and touch on challenges after complete the task you will obtain some coins as the rewards. So this is also the best way to earn free and extra coins.

  1. Quests-

The quests are one of the best parts for earning free currencies. Via the quests, you will receive the big rewards. The quests also help you to level up and earn more coins. After completing the quests, you will gain the currencies. So that is also the best way to win free currencies and level up in the game. If you want to get extra points, then quests are the easiest and enjoyable way to earn free coins. So always join the quests for earning free currencies.

Score! Hero- Winning tactics



The best football game Score Hero is developed by first touch games Ltd. It is available on both the platform Android and IOS. That is most popular trending game. Which people are like to play the football game? Then it is the great chance for that person. In it many tasks and many missions are available. You can also play it with your friends. You also purchase the things for the player avatar. So much dress, accessories, and football are available in it. It takes the 4.6 stars out of 5 stars for the best game. You also connect the game with Facebook to compete against your friends.

  1. Shoot from the corner-

It is important tips for winning the game.  In that, it is the most important thing to know always try the shooting from the edge. It is not necessarily to always shoot from the corner, but it is the best way to win the game. So still shoot from angles.

  1. Replay stages-

In it, every stage is run on three stars. But sometime you will need a bit of luck to get all stars. From the playing over again and again you will get the three stars. So always replay the stages in which you did not achieve three stars.

  1. Curve the shots-

The curve shots are the best trick to win the game. Via the curve shorts, you win the game properly. From this also increase the winning chance at the time of shooting the curve on the net. The opposite player thinks that the ball is going on net. After that, the ball takes turns and goal the done.

  1. Earn money-

The cash is the most impotent part. Without this, you don’t enter into the challenges. You can also buy the things from this for players. There are many alternatives to earn the coins. From watching the advertisement, you will gain the extra points and when you connect the game with your Facebook account. Then the game will give you extra coins with Score Hero Cheats to play the game.

  1. Play safe in the beginning-

If you are a beginner, then at the start of the game always play safe. You will get your chance from the bench. In the starting, we suggest that you play your ball carefully. You will fast become the super sub when your team needs, therefore the first team player, so grab your soccer courage for when it needed.



Know about farming by Hempire


Know about farming by Hempire

LBC official page have launched a wonderful mobile game and its name is Hempire. It offers great fun and adventures. There are lots of challenging tasks and other opportunities available which can perform in it. It is a simulation game where you can learn many new things about the farming industry and come know more about this particular community.

Get familiar with plants

There are mind blowing things that you can do in it. You can grow and customize many famous plants. The best part is that you can also join an enterprise in it and have fun with your friends. This game is designed in a manner that you can also stay in touch with your friends by chatting them online. The next thing that you will love is growing hybrids plants.

Invent something new

You can also invent them in the lab and grow them in your farms. This game will also allow you to sell your crop to other to earn more profit. There are many types of equipment and lights that you can use. They can also be updated. There are many types of deals which you can use to unlock many new features and strains it. Customization is also the next virtue of this game. You can also decorate your buildings with various types of trees and vehicles.

Selling and buying

Cash is gaming currency and you can also earn it through various activities like farming for profit. You can also start the business transaction in it to earn more profit. You are also allowed to sell your products from your dispensary. The player is also allowed to get huge earnings through real estate dealings. You can also indulge in the activity of city development. You can also get engaged in several other activities and win many kind of trophies. Hope you are going to enjoy  hempire cheats with your friends and try every single feature.

Nice and easy tricks for FIFA mobile


Nice and easy tricks for FIFA mobile

Electronic arts organization has launched a wonderful mobile game for the football lovers. Now you don’t have to wait and you can play the world-class FIFA tournaments on your mobile whenever you want.

You can be obtained this game free from the online downloading and getting top news. The installation process is quick and easy. The graphics and other aspects are very nice and you will certainly fall in love with it. Seasonal tournaments and many other events which resemble FIFA are presented in a very beautiful manner in it.

Be a great team manager

The entire gaming concept is very nice in FIFA mobile where you will be managing a team of world-class old and new legends. Players can be added by the smart player cards.

You can also buy the player form the open market of the game by spending the gaming currency. Coins are the most important form of the gaming currency and another form is XP points by getting Fifa Mobile Cheats.

You can also be obtained them by spending the real world money on in-app purchases. In case you are smart enough then you can also get them from the better gameplay.

World class entertainment

You can easily spend hours on the playing this game. There are many things to do in which make it popular among the majority of the gamers. You can make a perfect team and go for the competition.

FIFA mobile is a real-time game and thus you will be getting a chance to interact with many super expert players. This way you can always learn new things and make it more challenging and entertain for you.

Learn something new every time

There is no doubt that gaming of the virtual world is a bit different from the real world. Here you can take the help of some great tips and tricks to be on the top.

Winner players are also doing the same; they are dealing with the various situations in a very smart way. You should also learn something new to have more fun in FIFA mobile game.

Be skilled in controlling

There is no sense of spending huge coins when you are not able to control the activities of the players. Thus you should be very smart and handle the activities of the players effectively. Know which type of control is better for you. By doing this you can also use the simple players to get the results.



Certain things you need to know about choices story you to play


Certain things you need to know about choices story you to play

It is most popular game on play store with 5 million downloads so get now and you; users love to narrate storyline and make some twist in the stories. Most vital thing is that they make own character and you can follow some stories according to your choice. Another aspect of this game, it is freemium one where you can purchase various items with plastic currency such as keys diamonds and other things. Moreover, if you do not want to spend currency on the game then you will have to wait and complete some difficult levels.

With this article, we have come with some helpful tips and tricks that will help you to remove certain hurdles in the game.

Additional helpful details

Well, by these tips beginners can feel overwhelmed because it is very complicated game.

Earning of diamonds

Diamond is a vital part of this game and key always helps you to move in certain stories. Firstly you have to spend your time to earn huge amounts of keys and stones. After reading many stories or with Choices Cheats 2018 you can earn some helpful resources.

No replacing

 Keep in mind one thing they don’t offer you to reply to chapters, if you play the game so bad then you should restart the game from starting. If you are erasing your story remember that they will erase everything from it and tap on restart the game.

Keys to reading something in the game

If you want to read a chapter then you have to pay one key to game developers. When you do not have any keys then wait for almost 3 hours. Without stones and key, you can read stories, by just going on menu and opening story and read it by simply clicking on tap button. Therefore, it depends on you how long you read stories they will cost you nothing.

Switch among different stories

Excellent part of the game is you can move between stories easily without erasing your progress that you have made previously. If you want to move on stories then you should simply click on home button. When the player reaches to the home screen they can move to another story.

Earn resources unlimited

 As we mentioned above that keys and stones are the main part of the game. with the help of this trick, you will able to earn unlimited keys and diamonds. You should download the tool which is very simple then fill some special information like username and password or amount of points you require. After that just click on login automatically amount of resources will be credited to your account.


Bottom line

Well, above-mentioned details will help you to complete certain things in terms of money, keys and diamonds. However, these tricks mainly designed for beginners to understand how o increase level and move to another story without losing any progress from the game. Always try to choose a story which suits to your life.

Top Eleven 2018- Things that you should know before getting started


Top Eleven 2018- Things that you should know before getting started

If you’re much of a football fan then you might have come across this game developed by Nordeus. This is the newer version of this popular gaming series and it can be played on your mobile phone s it is available for both Android and iOS platforms. In order to win this game, you’ve to be a good manager and you got to fight against many team managers around the world and try to compete against them and win to level up your game.

You will come across many things that can cause problems for you and this may lead to frustration and you’ll surely end up uninstalling the game. To overcome such circumstances we’ve come up with this guide that will help you level up your game.

Connect Facebook account with the game

Connecting your social media account can help you a lot while playing this game and there is no chance that you will lose your progress again. Yes, by connecting your account, you can access it anywhere on any phone by just logging into your account and connecting it to the game. You can even play with your friends and challenge them to play with you or you can simply keep an eye on their progress and help them grow.

Keep a track on Player’s desired positions
when you click on a player’s profile then you will see their attributes along with its desired position. This position shows that at the desired position of your player, he will be strongest and you’ll get better performance out of your player there compared to the rest other positions. Keep an eye on each position before signing up a new player and recruit the player, you’ll need in the game and it will make your efforts worth it.

Experimenting different formations

Every time you experiment something new always end up being something successful or you will learn something to perform better next time. The same happens with this game and you got to choose from millions of formations that you can make. Try to experiment these with different types of opponents and you’ll end up finding the best formation for your team that will take you a long way to the top, by using top eleven 2018 cheats.

Training your players

Well, training is important for every player even if you’re already a star player then also you need training. In order to get better players out of your team then you also have to train your players. While you’re on the training screen and you just have started playing this game then in the initial levels, you’ll be asked to choose your desired drill. Keep in mind that you’ll be given 3 drills in level1 to level 3 and it will keep increasing according to your level. Try to choose a drill with higher chances of winning and I would recommend you to choose one attack, one defense, and one physical or mental drill and it will work perfectly for your game.

So what’s the final verdict?

This game is a whole pack of entertainment for users and everyone found it more enchanting and interesting than others. There are many football games but top eleven has come up with great gameplay and amazing graphics. These will make you dive into the virtual world of sports and you’ll get addicted to it. There will be some hassles and obstacles that you’ve to go through. So in order to overcome such problems and hassles, then this guide will help you. I hope you like this guide. Stay tuned for more such stuff.