Rugby is an international game and you find sports players who are strong, energetic, and having lot of confidence, sportsmanship. All the guys in this game are tough guys to be outplayed and they undergo lots of training before they enter to the ground. They don’t wear pads, if you observe, to protect them from injuries and hitting. This is the major problem, when the muscle strikes other muscle then it might cause some effect on the player’s shoulder. In cricket you see players wearing helmet to protect them from hitting with the cork ball. Just like in the same way, but it’s totally different from the other angle if you come into the play of rugby. The rugby players use the helmet as weapon to attack and protect them from hitting, but to be honest these helmets mostly hits you inside, especially underneath your helmet and on the top of your head after striking. The agony of pain which is so dreadful but still those strong lads and sports players are accustomed to the pain and play just like a sport, called as game spirit and sportsmanship.

 The game goes on continuously for 40 odd minutes and the players on the ground need a lot of stamina to defeat and vanquish the speed of the other player. The collisions especially are quite brutal and violent enough in this play. You could see many players were taken away from the field on big stretchers, tied a strap around the body enwrapping tightly and making them unmoved. These kind of games need lot of time for the players to recover to come on to the field and play another match. This is obviously a tough game to master and get right on track, especially needs lot of patience and control. Players look like more berserk and hot-headed related to the game on field, just like a hot dog. This is the game where you need a strong mind, strong body and focused mindset with lots and lots of practice before you get into rugby.

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